Why blog

I love programming. The feeling how beneath your fingers new reality is created, shaped.

I confess I am WoW addict. Besides I have spend way too many hours reading about physical fitness and trying on myself some crazy ways to be strong, fast, endurable.

I used to be a blogger on blogspot. Yet traces of this are hidden in the depths of history. Sha of Hate have clouded my judgments so I get rid of this.

I will post some stuff about programming that feels important or worth remembering. If you find something that can be written better, more OO, more pure functional, more elegant, just hit me with comment. I like to sharpen my tools


1 Response to Why blog

  1. mialabycjava says:

    Fajnie że znowu zaczniesz pisać :). A po co mam szukać i punktować, zwłaszcza że mam dostęp do o wiele większej bazy twych dzieł ;). Na błędach człowiek ma się uczyć, a nie je rozpamiętywać.

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