Learning Scala:

tour about Scala ecosystem

Scala patterns:

Usefull, non-monadic patterns
nice blog post about cake pattern
Magnet pattern on blog


video covers: \/, Validation, NonEmptyList, |@|
presentation by Nick Partridge about scalaz
blog post: Timothy Perrett · Scalaz Task – the missing documentation
tutorial: Eugene Yokota about scalaz


2.3 positive, positive with zero, …


Spray on Akka with Mathias Doenitz
docs Spray

Reastive Architecture, DDDD, CQRS, ES

Clear exmplanation, comparison of two apps, DDDD, CqRS, ES, Akka template on Github

Scala Blogs:

Matthew Jason Malone
Daniel Spiewak

Random stuff about Scala:

definitions from Cathegory theory from wiki on ncatlab
Effective Scala presentation by Joshua Suereth
Scala Monads: Dan Rosen
youtube channel FunctionalTV
tutorial about cats